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our story...

Eric See founded 5280 Floors to serve homeowners in their hardwood flooring projects. He recognized a need for a professional, reliable business that puts the Client Experience at the heart of everything. In the past several years, the talented and professional craftsmen of 5280 Floors have installed, sanded and finished thousands of beautiful floors in the Denver Metro area.

But we aren't resting on success. Our core Values "Never Stop Improving" and "Upcycle for Good" inspired us to create 5280 Workshop: custom designed, professionally crafted furniture and wood products made primarily from "wastes" that the other guys might throw in the landfill. Proceeds help us "Give Back"--another company Value--and support our local community in innovative ways. 

5280 Floors is a company of craftsmen, supporting trades and creating good, local jobs that matter. We also support YOU, the do-it-yourselfer and the other craftspeople of our community by providing the materials, tools, and guidance you need to create and maintain the home of your dreams. Come on down to our workshop to meet us, check out our projects, and start designing your hardwood home today!