Residential Hardwood

5280 Residential Flooring is proud of our proven track record of satisfied customers who seek high quality Home Improvement, delivered with an enjoyable Client Experience.

We partner with our clients by establishing a relationship based on listening and truly understanding how to create the home environment that fits their lifestyle. If you are interested in improving the value of your house, bringing natural beauty into your daily life, and want to live in a healthy indoor space, we are the right choice for your home.

Your new or refinished Hardwood Floors will be artfully crafted by our Bona Certified Craftsmen, using top quality products and procedures like our Dustless Sanding Process and the application of GREENGUARD Indoor-Air Quality Certified finishes. We communicate clearly and consistently to ensure that your home improvement project will successfully match your lifestyle and interests, and the final product will not only improve your daily life, but the value of your property with the timeless beauty of Hardwood Floors.

The most abundant renewable flooring material will be a positive impact on your home, and on the environment when compared to other flooring materials like carpet that have shorter lifespans and are composed of synthetic materials. Hardwood Floors are a carbon sink (Trees return oxygen to the air and store carbon) and can be restored and refinished several times in their long, low-maintenance lifespan.

If you agree that Hardwood Floors will fit your lifestyle, call Eric today at (303) 532-7525 or request a Free Quote. Welcome to the 5280 Family, let’s improve your home, together.

To learn more, and to get started Designing Your Hardwood Floors, visit our Hardwood Installation page and follow our easy steps to bring your ideas to life!

Do you already have Hardwood Floors that need to be restored? Check out our Hardwood Refinishing page to see how we will revive your home!