Stain and Finish & Oils


Wood Floor Treatments

wood is a natural product that requires proper maintenance. Fortunately, wood treatments also allow you to change the color, tone, and sheen of your floor. All raw wood requires treatment, and even some pre-finished flooring material will perform best with a final coat of oil protection. Below, you can learn more about your options for protecting your floor.


stain is often the first layer of protection for your wood floor, and provides you with an opportunity to add color. as a bona certified contractor, we have many different color options for you to choose from.we will provide stain samples directly on the floor so you can make the perfect decision for your home!

 See the bona colors below.


hardwood floor 'finish' is a protective coating applied after stain. We typically apply two coats of a water-based polyurethane to build a smooth, easy to maintain surface. OUr standard floor finish is bona's premium residential grade polyurethane, but you will have the option to upgrade to a 2-part commercial grade floor finish for increased durability. 

with proper care and maintenance, floor finishes will perform and protect your floor for 6-8 years or longer. when the protective layer starts to become thin (typically in high traffic areas), we can return to your home for a single day floor "re-finish" that fully restores the sheen and protection you had when your floor was brand new. 

we always use low-voc floor finishes to help keep your indoor environment healthy.

Natural Oils

Natural oils are becoming a very popular alternative to the conventional stain and finish floor treatment. Natural oils have zero volatile organic compounds and open the possibility for a whole new array of colors and sheen. our experience with natural oils sets us apart from most hardwood flooring contractors, and allows your home to be healthy and unique.

natural oils often have a different maintenance schedule than stain and finish. a naturally oiled floor needs to be 'refreshed' every 1-3 years (depending on traffic and usage patterns) but will never have to be re-sanded with proper care. depending on the product, this 'refreshing' process can be as easy as mopping your floor! Often, only the highest traffic areas require maintenance, and natural oils can be more forgiving to work with than traditional treatments. 

if you are interested in our zero-voc options, or in creating dynamic colors, be sure to ask us about our natural oils!

Stain Colors

Natural Oil Colors

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