Hardwood Installation

Installing Hardwood Flooring is the right choice for improving your home. Hardwood Floors are Safe and Clean, Sustainable, Low-Maintenance, Beautiful, and Valuable.


Safe and Clean

Compared to carpet, Hardwood Floors are less susceptible to harboring harmful bacteria, and, as a natural product (rather than synthetic), it has far fewer chemicals. All of our floors are sealed with GREENGUARD Indoor-Air Quality Certified sealers, ensuring a healthy home environment.


Hardwood Floors are the most abundant renewable flooring resource available, act as a carbon sink that creates oxygen as a tree and stores carbon as a product, and can be recycled at the end of its long life cycle. (NWFA) Its longevity also means fewer energy costs in production, transportation, and replacement of carpets or other flooring materials.


Protective coating helps prevent stains from occurring in the middle of your floor, and the ability to spot-fix and refinish any damages saves you from needing to replace your entire floor when accidents happen. A variety of products and the available 5280 Cleaning plan makes keeping your Hardwood Floors easily maintained.

Beautiful and Valuable 

It speaks to the natural beauty of Hardwood Floors that they never seem to go out of style. As trends change, it’s easy to adapt the color of your hardwood floors without having to replace them all together. The richness of incorporating hardwood into your home will increase its value as part of your lifestyle and when it comes time to sell.