Culture & Values

Eric and the crew share a lifestyle and work ethic based on core Values. We revere kindness, integrity, and good old-fashioned hard work. We treat our clients the way we wish to be treated, and that makes our working relationship valuable.


Family owned

5280 Floors, founded in 2011 by Eric See started like most companies, as a one-man show out of a garage. 5280 Floors continues to operate like a small business, treating every project with respect. The goal is continued growth, but to never lose focus on the most important factor, The Client.

Prior to starting 5280 Floors in Denver, Colorado, Eric was the National Sales Manager for Bona (The world leader in hardwood floor machines, abrasives and finishes). At Bona, Eric learned the hardwood contracting business, including best practices and how to properly use the highest quality products in the industry. Most importantly, Eric learned how to run 5280 Floors like a business, with processes and procedures to provide a consistent product and quality client experience.

5280 Floors exists to create a great place to work and to bring a higher level of professionalism to the hardwood flooring market in Denver.

Outside of work, Eric enjoys exploring Colorado with his wife and three kids, and coaching youth sports.

“When our team is happy, we are best able to keep clients happy throughout the entire 5280 Floors project experience. “ - Eric See

Team Operated

The 5280 Floors team is formed of crews with crew leads and apprentices. Quarterly reports track the progress and motivate apprentices to become responsible leads. The growth of the whole reflects the growth of the individual. 5280 Floors only hires the best people to be the company’s craftsmen, making 5280 Floors a better company through the team.


Own it. No excuses. 

Our Craftsmen take pride in what they do, and how they do it. We get the job done, professionally, no matter what it takes.

Listen, listen, listen to our clients.

Our clients are the focus of our business. We strive to meet your needs, and that begins with truly listening to what you have to say.

Communicate clearly and professionally.

Communication is the basis of every healthy relationship. We uphold our client relationships through reliable communication and honest, open dialogue. We tell you when we will arrive, and we will be there, ready to go. You can count on us to get to work when you expect us to.

Always have a “can-do” attitude.

Our Bona-Certified craftsmen know what to do in any situation, and their positive attitude is a reflection of Eric’s head’s up mentality.

Value our stakeholders.

Our clients and our craftsmen all want the same thing– a hardwood flooring project well done. 5280 values each member of the team because we know that’s what matters.

Recognize achievement.

Our Crew Leads know what it takes to get the job done right. When they meet all the criteria for a successful project, they get a bonus. That leads to a lot of successes. Our apprentices receive quarterly reports to track their progress towards becoming Crew Leaders. We only hire motivated individuals aspiring to improve, and willing to put time and effort into their craft.


Installing and refinishing hardwood floors can have a major impact on our environment. We take responsibility to reduce our contribution to the waste stream and find innovative ways to work SUSTAINABLE. your indoor environment matters, too; ask us about our zero-VOC floor oils.

Giving back.

Colorado is our home and we are always looking for opportunities to serve our community. whether we are building flags to support local non-profits or walking for Alzheimer's research, 5280 floors and our employees are sharing time and resources for the greater good.